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dear treasured family and friends,

We thought it was well past time for us to make the "official" announcement: after seven years of dating, we finally decided to tie the knot! 

As you know, our love story has been sort of unconventional from the start. We weren't even sure we'd ever *legally* say I do, but after a cross-country flight after Christmas last year (and an unexpected conversation-slash-sorta-proposal waiting for an Uber) we decided to make our forever commitment formalized in a little cliffside ceremony with just the two of us.  

We've been through a lot together already -- working side by side, moving across the country, traveling to fun and exciting places. We can't wait to continue our adventures together and see what life has in store for us.

We just wanted to say thank you so much to all of you for being important people in our lives. We appreciate how you all have supported our relationship and have continued to support our decisions, even if it means sometimes choosing the path less traveled. 

We have so much love for all of you and while we weren't able to share our day with you in person, we hope you know your love and presence were felt and appreciated. 

All our love, 
Jason & Caroline ZOOK

ps. It rhymes with book.  


Since we knew friends and family wouldn't be with us on our wedding day, it was really important for us to capture the experience so we could share it with you all! Our film team, Margaret & Corey, were amazing to work with and kept us laughing through the whole day. The result was a laid back, low key, and magical day that allowed us to focus fully on our unique love and the commitment we were making to each other. We chose to exchange vows on our favorite cliffs overlooking the Pacific, a spot we've hiked many times and one of the first mini-adventures we planned together when we moved to California in 2015. We commemorated the occasion not with champagne and wedding cake (one of us hates cake... eh-hem... Jason), but with the way all great days should end and new beginnings should start -- with tequila and donuts. :)


All photos by the talented Jamie Street from Rad + In Love! 


radandinlove_caroline and jason (179 of 179).jpg

Thanks for taking a moment
to celebrate with us!